Experience Holy Week: Celebrate Together as a Family

Now that you know about Holy Week, check out these resources & ideas for how you can experience Holy Week as a family.

Holy Week Resources

Daily Devotionals

Each day during Holy Week, take a few minutes together to read the Bible stories of what happened that week. Discuss as a family the events and talk about how the disciples and Jesus must have felt as the events occurred. 

Monday - Read Luke 19:46
Tuesday - Read Matthew 23:24-33
Wednesday - Read John 13:31-35
Thursday - Read John 13:1-17
Friday - Read John 19:25-42
Saturday - Read Matthew 27:57-66

Ideas for Family Worship and Experiences

Resurrection Eggs are a symbolic and visual way for young children to experience the events of Holy Week. Here is a great resource on how to create Resurrection Eggs.

Attend the Maundy Thursday Service as a family at 7 pm in the Fellowship Hall to celebrate communion.

If you can't make the service, consider marking this special day at your home in one of the following ways:

On Good Friday have a quiet family meal at home. Consider dimming the lights or using candles to set a somber mood on the day of Jesus' death.

On Saturday spend time together as a family doing crafts or dyeing eggs. This time doesn't have to be very long, just spend time together.

On Sunday during your family Easter celebration, add a new element.