Taming the Tongue: High School Small Groups 5.7.17

What we're talking about

James is a savvy pastor who knows that we won’t gear up for the battle and face our own sins of the tongue unless we recognize the magnitude of the problem. We all tend to justify ourselves by pointing to others who are notoriously bad. In comparison with how they talk, I’m doing okay. But James comes in with vivid illustrations to open our eyes to just how serious our problem is. 

Questions for Conversation

  • Read James 3:1-12, Why do you think James wrote this? What problem was occurring that he was trying to correct?
  • How does mastery of one's speech keep the whole body in check?
  • James compares our mouth to a horse's bit, the rudder of a ship, and like a fire, how is our tongue like these things?
  • if you tried to tame your speaking habits, how would you go about it?