Road Trip Week 3: Middle School Small Groups 5.7.17

What we're talking about

In his lifetime, the apostle Paul was surrounded by a variety of traveling companions. In his early days before he knew Jesus, he traveled with a posse of guys pretty similar to him. It makes sense: We’re way more comfortable and feel validated when we’re with people who have the same backgrounds and interests as us. But after Paul met Jesus, he began to invite friends on his journey from a variety of backgrounds and walks of life. This week, we’ll talk about how to approach people who are different from us, and how the road with Jesus changes how we see others.

Questions for Conversation

  • If you could go on a road trip with your best friends, where would you go?
  • What's one benefit of spending time with people who aren't like you?
  • Why is it sometimes difficult to relate to people who are different than you?
  • Think about your best friends. What are three things you have in common with them? What's one thing you don't have in common?