Listening & Doing: High School Small Groups 4.9.17

What we're talking about

James 1:19-27 tells us that we should be listening and doing when it comes to our faith. So much of our Christian life is about listening; listening to sermons, listening to teachers, listening to God, but what are we doing? If we don't practice what we preach then we have misunderstood God's message. 

Questions for Conversation

  • James tells us to be "quick to hear, slow to speak." Have you had situations where you did the opposite, slow to hear, quick to speak? What's the problem with that?
  • How do we "deceive ourselves" by just listening to God's Word?
  • Do you think it's really "worthless" to hear God's Word without doing it?
  • Do you think of religion as a godo thing or not? Do you think you rneighbors think of religion as a good thing?