Road Trip Week 2: Middle School Small Groups 4.30.17

What we're talking about this week

When it comes to road trips, it helps to have Siri give you turn-by-turn directions. And in life, we all have a direction in mind—and that’s a good thing. But have you ever thought that maybe God has a direction in mind for you, too? What if I told you that God is just as interested in your right now as He is in your later on? And, what if I told you His plan for you is anything but normal? And to find that purpose, you just have to trust Him enough to do the next right thing?

Questions for Conversation

  • Have you ever gotten really lost? What happened?
  • What's one reason someone might feel lost, not literally, but in life?
  • Do you believe God cares about what your future looks like?
  • If God cares about your future, how should it affect what you do today?