Dear Younger Me,

Music is such a powerful tool. It can speak to us in ways that written word or television cannot. It can take us back to places we have been. It can even stir up so much emotion that we find ourselves sobbing by the end of the song.

These days my new favorite song is Dear Younger Me by Mercy Me. I really love it and I get a little crazy when it comes on. I turn it up and have to sing to it and I don’t want anyone to interrupt during the song. Did you ever see the Seinfield episode where Elaine was dating a guy who loved Desperado? Yeah, that’s kind of me! Here’s a clip if you missed that episode.

If you haven’t heard Dear Younger Me hop over here to listen to it then come right back

One of my favorite lines is “And even though I love this crazy life, sometimes I wish it was a smoother ride.” Every time this song is on and this part comes up, Brian and I look at each other and say “AMEN!”

Every time I hear that song the power of it gets me. How many things would I love to tell my younger self? Or even myself today! Here is my letter to younger me.

  • Enjoy your kids when they are little. Even though you have dishes and homework and dirty diapers and dinner on the stove. They will NOT be little forever. Soon they will be 14 and you can’t even pick them up. And before I know it they’ll be 26. God gave us these children to love and nurture and enjoy.  We are called to teach them how to have a relationship with God so they can live into the wholeness that He offers.
  • People do not define you. Your worth is not placed in who your friends are or how many social engagements you have on your calendar. You are loved no matter how many friends you have or what you are doing on a Friday night by the One who created the whole world.
  • We all have a God-sized hole that no one else can fill. That sounds corny but its true. We are all human and we cannot ever fulfill anyone else’s needs, neither can someone fulfill our needs. Stop expecting someone else or something else to fill that hole. You will chase it forever. The only One with the power to fill it is God. This is huge.
  • You are going to go through some tough stuff. And you won’t know it at the time but you will come out on the other side just fine. Not just fine.  Stronger, better, more whole. So know that when you are facing a tough time, its going to be ok. Because you are held by God. Let the tough times shape you and learn all you can. Lean into God so you can grow closer to Him in your times of trial.
  • Even though you might want to just skip over all that painful stuff, it really does make you who you are in the future. Depending on how you deal with it will define the way you grow. It changes how you relate to others, how you serve others, how you love and care for others.
  • Quit beating yourself up about all those mistakes you made. You wouldn't be you today without them. But do learn from them and don't make those same mistakes twice. Become wiser.
  • Stuff doesn’t matter. We have so much. We have too much. We do too much. It’s always dirty! None of it is really going to be important in 10 years. So don’t take it so seriously.
  • JOY! Try to be joyful in all circumstances. In the mist of a dirty house and crying kids and teenagers with attitudes and broken down cars. We are alive! We have air to breath and people to love, flaws and all.
  • I am flawed, you are flawed, we are all flawed, and that’s ok! That doesn’t mean that I don’t ever have to do anything to change or get better or be held accountable. It does mean that God loves me just as I am. But because of His love, I will want to be better.
  • We are all a work in progress. And everything that happens to us will shape us, good and bad. What we do with those mountains and valleys and heartaches is what determines how we grow. Do we let God mold us during those times? 

What would you write to your younger you?