What's so special about the Gospel?: High School Small Groups 3.12.17

What we're talking about

Some of the central claims of the Christian faith are the source of many discussions and heated debates. But are we always debating the right things? Maybe some of our discussions would change significantly if we had more insight into the actual circumstances that surrounded the first people of the Christian movement--if we had a better understanding of the things they did in the context of the world they lived in. Maybe some of the claims of the Christian faith that we typically perceive to be unique aren't really that special at all. And at the same time, maybe we don't always put enough emphasis on the things that truly should matter in our lives. 

Questions for Conversation

  • Have you ever thought about what makes your faith special?
  • What are your beliefs about the implications of Jesus' resurrection? Do you believe the references of restoration are about this world or about leaving this world?
  • Do you have the sense that you're part of a movement that's putting the world back together?
  • Have you ever put into words the implications that Jesus' resurrection has for you personally? What are some of the words you would use?