Upside Down Lives: Middle School Small Groups 3.19.17

What we're talking about

Have you ever been truly uncomfortable? Maybe you’ve been physically uncomfortable, like falling off a trampoline and breaking a bone, or squeezing yourself into a packed elevator on a hot summer day. Or maybe you’ve experienced the feeling of emotional discomfort, like being the new kid at school on the first day or seeing pictures on Instagram of all your friends hanging out without you. No matter the cause, we can all probably agree that we don’t like being uncomfortable. And because of that, we tend to try to avoid situations that will make us feel that way. In other words, we stay in our comfort zones. But the problem with that is when we stay in our comfort zones, not only are we missing out on great things for our own lives, we’re also missing out on great things we can do in the lives of others. This week we’ll look one more time at the way Jesus turns our ideas upside down, this time focusing on what He tells us about getting out of our comfort zones. And when we apply His truth to our lives, we’ll see that maybe the best place we can be is a place leaves us a little uncomfortable.

Questions for Conversation