Upside Down: Middle School Small Groups 3.5.17

What we're talking about

Who doesn’t love a good pair of new shoes? There’s just something about being able to pick out a cool pair in the exact color, size, and style that you want. It’s awesome! Because when you’re looking for new shoes, your needs and your desires are all that matter. But think about this: Have you ever treated looking for new friends the same way? When you think about friends the way you think about shoes—focusing on how they meet your needs and desires and what they can do for you—it’s probably not going to lead to good, lasting friendships. And those are the kind of friendships we want, right? This week we’ll take a look at not only what Jesus has to say about friendship, but also the type of friend He was to others. And when we do, we’ll see that the key to good friendship isn’t finding friends, but instead about being a friend.

Questions for Conversation

  • How do great friends make life better?
  • What are some qualities you usually see in a great friend?
  • Which of those qualities is the hardest for you to show to your friends?
  • What's one thing you could do this week to love, serve, or put your friends first?