Breathe: High School Small Groups 3.5.17

What we're talking about

With everything that we've got going on every day, how many of us ever think about our breathing, about the meaning of breathing? Yet, for thousands of years, people have understood that our physical breath is a picture of a deeper spiritual reality. In the Bible, the word for "breath" is the same as the word for "spirit." There's an inherent dilemma at the core of what makes us human. We've all been created in the image of God and possess immense power and strength. And at the same time, our lives are incredibly vulnerable and fragile. Maybe if we had more insight into the meaning of breathing, we would better understand how God created us as human beings.

Questions for Conversation

  • Do you ever think about your breath? Have you ever thought about your breath from a spiritual perspective?
  • What do you believe it means to be "standing on holy ground"? Are we standing on holy ground, all of the time, but are not aware of it?
  • If the words for 'breath' and 'spirit' are the same in biblical context, does that affect your view of yourself and others?
  • What do you have that you need to let go of, what do you need to breathe out?