The Beginning of Worship: Sunday Night @ The LOFT 2.12.17

This Is What We're Talking About

Everything has a value. It may be monetary or emotional or utilitarian but how we spend our time, how we spend our money, and where we put our energy determines what we view as valuable. This week we're looking at the story of Noah and we're talking about the beginning of worship. Worship is when we recognize God's value to us. The word worship comes from the Old English worthship which means "to give worth to something."

Noah follows God's word and builds the Ark but after spending all that time on the Ark the first thing he does when he gets back on land is to build an altar and worship God. We not only worship God on Sunday morning through our corporate worship services but we worship God through our thoughts and actions when we prioritize God's will for our lives. We worship God when we recognize who God is to us, what he has given us, and we live as good stewards of God's blessings in our lives. 

Questions for Conversation

  • When you think about "worship" what comes to mind?
  • Do you think about your daily life as worship to God?
  • Why do you think the first thing Noah does is build an altar to God after getting off the ark?
  • How can we put God first in our daily lives?