BASIC Teaching: High School Small Groups 2.12.17

This is what we're talking about

Why does it seem like reading the Bible is more of a duty than a privilege? Do we get the idea that we should read the Bible because it's the thing to do, or is there something more to it? Maybe if we begin to see the Bible for what it is, a holy book that contains vast riches and the keys to understanding how Jesus lived and how He wants us to live, we will begin to crave God's Word as a newborn baby craves milk.

Questions for Conversation

  • Has reading the Bible ever seemed like a chore to you? How do you typically approach reading the Bible?
  • Have you found yourself putting more stock in people's opinions than you have in the Bible itself? What is the danger in that? What can a misguided view of the authority of scripture "ruin"?
  • When was the last time you passed something you read in the Bible on to someone else?
  • Have you ever spent time with anyone whose life gave you a glimpse of what Jesus' life looked like? Who was that person? What was it about that person that made you feel like you were seeing Jesus in his or her life?