A Rush to Judgment: Middle School Small Groups 2.12.17

This is what we're talking about

Be honest: Have you ever you made a judgment about someone you know? Maybe it was based on something you heard about them, or they way they dressed, or who their friends were, or a choice they made. Whatever the reason, you decided that person wasn’t worth your time, attention, or approval. And while we all find ourselves making judgment calls on the people in and around our lives, we probably haven’t thought about the impact those seemingly harmless judgments might have on the people we’re judging. Because the truth is, those judgments aren’t usually helpful. And they certainly aren’t made with the right intentions. We’re putting people down, looking for flaws, and ultimately hurting those around us. In other words, we’re making the wrong calls. But this kind of thing isn’t new; in fact, there are stories throughout the Bible of people making judgment calls about other people. As we take a look at one of those stories this week, we’ll see that when we respond to others the way Christ does, our lens and viewpoint of judgment will be drastically changed.

Questions for Conversation

  • Has anyone ever judged you based on a mistake, or impression, or bad decision that you made?
  • Why is it hurtful when someone judges you based on your flaws or mistakes?
  • When you're confronted with someone else's flaws, how do you usually respond?
  • How can we be more like Jesus in the way we handle other people's flaws? What about in the way we handle our own flaws?