I'll Be The Judge Of That: Middle School Small Groups 2.26.17

What we're talking about

Have you ever experienced an epic fail? Not just a simple trip and fall, but a truly enormous, outrageous, unforgettable fail? If we’re being honest, we can all probably come up with at least one! Maybe it was a silly fail, like a skateboard trick gone wrong or an expert back flip turned into a giant belly flop. Or maybe it was a more serious kind of fail, like not making the winning play in a championship game or a bad decision you made with friends. When we experience those kinds of fails, we feel pretty awful. We beat ourselves up, we call ourselves names, and we struggle to feel like we’ll ever be able to do anything right again. In other words, we pass some pretty harsh judgment on ourselves. And after awhile, we start to think our judgments might actually be true. If we’re judging ourselves a certain way, who’s to say everyone else isn’t judging us that way too? Or even worse, who’s to say God isn’t passing those same judgments on us? When we start to believe that God sees us the same way we see ourselves, we’re making a big mistake! God doesn’t see people the way we do—and that includes ourselves! How do we know? Because He tells us so in the Bible! And as we take a look at the way God sees us, we’ll begin to understand that it’s not our faults and failures that define us in God’s eyes; it’s His love.

Questions for Conversation

  • What are some ways people fail epically, but not in a funny way?
  • In your own words, what do you think God wants us to remember when we're tempted to judge ourselves harshly for our mistakes?
  • When you've messed up, what's one way talking to God can help?
  • What's one thing you can do this week to help yourself remember that, even when you mess up, God is for you?