BASIC Fellowship: High School Small Groups 2.5.17

What we're talking about

Is church a specific place where individuals gather once a week to sing a few songs and listen to someone talk about God, or does church refer to the people themselves, who share a common mission in the world? Maybe if we start to view church the way God designed it, as a family loving each other and living and sharing all of life together, we might show the world a glimpse of who God is, and we might begin to impact the world as God intended us to do.

Questions for Conversation

  • How do you see the church? Is your view of the church based on a biblical understanding of church or is it based on something else? What is that something else?
  • How would you explain the church to someone who has no knowledge of Christianity?
  • What does the word fellowship mean to you?
  • What does it mean to you that you are part of a chosen people, the people of God?