I'm In: Week 1: Middle School Small Groups 1.15.17

What we're talking about

Are you a big fan of something? Maybe for you it’s a band or celebrity. Or maybe it’s a specific sport or team you really love. Whatever it is you’re into, you’re probably all about it. You have all the t-shirts, follow all their social media accounts, go to every event, and read every detail about everything they do. In other words, you’re obsessed. Now think about this: Do you feel that way about Jesus? Are you so into Him that you’d follow Him any and everywhere, no matter what? The Bible tells us story after story of people who were “all in” when it came to following Jesus. But when we take a look at some of their stories, they probably aren’t the kind of people you picture when you think of devoted Christians. This week we’ll take a look at one in particular—Mary Magdalene. And as we see the way she follows Jesus, we’ll see that when it comes to being “in” with Jesus, there’s nothing that can stand in the way of our need for Him.

Questions for Conversation

If you could be famous, with millions of followers, what would you want to be famous for?

What does "following Jesus" mean to you?

You may not know anyone with the same kidns of problems Mary Magdalene had, but what are some other reasons someone's life might be a mess?

What's one way you need Jesus to help you right now?