BASIC: Fear God: High School Small Groups 1.15.17

What we're talking about

What does the Bible mean when it tells us to fear God? Is it a kind of respect or reverence as many in the church seem to see it today, or is it really more of a paralyzing fear that can drive you to your knees in trembling? A clear understanding of what the Bible teaches can lead to a true fear of God, which can ultimately lead to the life we were intended to live.

Questions for Conversation

  • Make a list of some of the ways you relate to God. Rank them. Where does fear rank on that list? Do you think you relate to God the way He wants you to relate to Him?
  • Have you ever felt trapped by your fear, with seemingly nowhere to turn? Where did you turn? Did you turn to the one whom you feared?
  • How do you tink you would react to the sight of Jesus standing before you? Would you fall to the floor as if you were dead?