Coffee Dates

Every morning I have a coffee date. I go to the counter and get a warm cup filled with coffee and meet my date. I have a few favorite places to sit for this date depending on what’s available. I like to get there before everyone else does as these dates don’t really need a crowd. It doesn’t usually last too long, maybe 5-10 minutes, maybe 30 minutes, depending on what’s going on. Then my date and I are off to our days, me taking care of everyone in my house and my date taking care of the whole world.  My coffee date is with God.

Early in the morning I get up and meet with Him. Some mornings I read a devotional that only takes 3 minutes. Other mornings I sit and linger and tell Him how I’m feeling. He’s a listening ear, a shoulder to lean on. A best friend to share with all the heartaches and troubles and stress and drama that I’m going through. And sometimes I just sit in the silence, thinking and listening to whatever He has to say to me. Sometimes when the weather is nice and I can snag an outside seat, I’m in my front yard in the dark, taking in all the stars, the trees and the wonderful creation that He made.

On the days that I make my coffee date, I’d like to think those days will be perfect after we part.  I did as I was supposed to, I had my quiet time, shouldn’t the rest of my day go perfectly because I started off on the right foot? But alas, that is not always the case. Someone throws a fit over breakfast, I have to duct tape the window of my car because its broken or I have to deal with a million other hiccups in my day.

But one thing is true about every single day when I make my coffee dates. I am filled up. I’m filled up with coffee to be sure but more than that, I have an overwhelming love that I’m filled with. I have a different attitude and a different perspective.

I’m like that cup with free refills. Life might drink some of the coffee out of my cup but there comes God with a full pot and He offers me a free refill.  And the more I have my coffee dates as a regular part of my morning routine, the more able I am to ask Him for a refill despite what the day (or my kids) throw at me.

And one thing is for sure, on the days when I don’t have my regular coffee date, I’m a total wreck. My cup just doesn’t get refilled because I don’t think to ask God for a refill. Its not the first thing on my mind. There is nothing there to draw from as the day takes it out of me. And I end the day as a big mess.

So what do you say, would you join me for a morning coffee (or tea or water or whatever you drink) date? I know its hard to get out of bed before everyone else. I know we want to hit the snooze button and enjoy a little more sleep. But I also know what’s ahead for all of us. We are parents, so there’s that. We have jobs and houses and all the things that come along with those responsibilities. We constantly have things that are drinking from our cup. We NEED someone to refill that cup. We need that never empty cup of spiritual nourishment. We need that filling up because we know the world will drink away.

Could you wake up just 5 minutes before everyone else and have your own coffee (or tea or soft drink or water) date with God? God really does want more than anything to have a relationship with you and me. I promise He will show up every day to meet you, will you do the same for Him?