In Doubt: I'm In Week 3: Middle School Small Groups 1.29.17

This is what we're talking about

Have you ever heard a really crazy story? Maybe your grandfather, or your best friend, or your coach has an outrageous story you’ve heard over and over again, but each time you hear it, you wonder if it could possibly be true. It sounds so crazy that you doubt it actually happened the way they say it did. Faith in God can feel like that sometimes. We read and hear so many things about Jesus, but we wonder if they could actually be true. In other words, we doubt. And we probably feel bad about that doubt each time we do. But the good news for us is that we’re not the first—and we certainly won’t be the last—to question or doubt God. In fact, some of His closest followers wrestled with feelings of doubt and disbelief. And as we take a look at one of those followers this week, we’ll see that we can still be “in” with Jesus even in the face of our doubts.

Questions for Conversation

What's the most unbelievable (but true) thing you've ever heard?

What's one thing Christians believe that people who aren't Christians have a hard time believing?

When we have doubts or questions about God, what should we do?

Why is a community so important when we have doubts or questions?