God & The Old Testament: Confirmation Week 2 1.22.17

What We're Talking About

Whether it is holiday traditions, daily routines, or spiritual practices we all have traditions that we follow. Traditions help shape our understanding of the world. There are Christian traditions which shape our understanding of God and how we interact with God and with each other in a community of believers. Part of our tradition is The Old Testament, which tells us something about how God interacted with a particular group of people in a particular time. From the recording of these interactions in scripture we are given insight into who God is and the roles he plays in our lives. The purpose of scripture is to tell us something about God. We will look at scripture for some of the attributes that it gives to God such as God being eternal, almighty, personal, just, creator, and love. We can't fully understand a God that is bigger than our comprehension but we can use our limited language to describe him so that we might begin to understand who he is and who we are to him. We will also talk about our relationship to God that we are created by God to receive God's love, reciprocate God's love and share God's love with others. Finally we will talk about God as a part of the Trinity, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, which is what we'll be talking about in the upcoming weeks.

Homework for this Week

Weekly Scripture to Memorize:

“The Word became flesh and made His dwelling among us. We have seen His glory, the glory of the One and Only, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth.”

 – John 1:14

Write this week’s scripture on a note card and place it somewhere you’ll see it every day


Read Joshua 22:5 and answer these questions in your journal:

1.       During this week in what ways have you tried to grow in your love for God?

2.       What things this week has God given to you or blessed you with that show His love for you?

3.       When was a time in your life that things seemed bad but God gave you hope?

4.       When was a time you felt close to God?

5.       When was a time you felt far away from God?

6.       When was a time you felt like you really needed God in your life?

7.       Who taught you about God?

Read John Chapters 3 – 5

Write down in your journal one thing you learned from these Chapters.

The Journey Continues Next Week

This week we looked at the Father (God).  Next week will be looking at the Son, Jesus Christ.  Lesson 3 “Who is Jesus?”  In preparation for next week read over pg. 35, “Titles of Jesus” and Record one thing you learned about Jesus in your Journal.

Family Homework:

Make a Blessing Jar as a family.  

Take an old Mason jar or any cup and have each member of your family write 5 blessings that God has given to your family.  At dinner time each night pull out 2 or 3 and share with each other why they are blessings.  Take the time to Pray and thank God for what He has done for you as a family.