Do we get so wrapped up in religion that we miss out on what's important to God?

What we're talking about this week

Why do we do the things we do? Why do we go to church or give money away? Because we're supposed to or because we think God needs it? Do we honestly put on our best clothes for an hour once a week, stand and sit at all the right times, and sing all the appropriate songs for God's sake, or because it'll make us look better to the world around us? We're tired of all the empty rituals and routines. And so is God. God hates it when we call ourselves Christians but ignore all the things he really cares about. He hates it when we go through hollow religious routines out of some feeling of duty or obligation. God doesn't want the meaningless rituals. God wants our hearts.

Questions for Conversation at Home

  • What do you think God has in mind for the Church? What is it suppose to do/be?
  • Is it possible to be interested in Christian faith but turned off by Christianity?
  • Scripture reminds us that God doesn't want empty rituals, he wants our hearts. How do we know that God has our hearts, and that we're not just going through the motions?