Flipped Week 3 // Middle School Small Groups // 5.22.16

Session Summary

We all know the joy of opening something brand new. Does your life ever feel a little broken? Maybe things used to be good but then BOOM! Things got difficult. Peter knew what it's like to feel broken too. He had a lot of faith in Jesus until he messed up big time. But that wasn't the end of the story. Jesus told him he could be brand new. With Jesus, we can be made new. He takes what is in us and transforms it. We can be made new every day, all over again. If God can make Peter new, He can make you new too. He wants permission to transform you. Know you've messed up, then let God help you start over.

Bottom Line

Everything flips when you know you're new.


Jesus calls peter to follow Him: Matthew 4:20

Peter denies Jesus: Matthew 26:69-75

Peter is restored: John 21

Questions for Conversation

  • In my life, what would it look like to be made new?
  • Talk about a time when your life felt broken because of something that happened to you, something beyond your control.
  • When is it most difficult for you to believe that God can make you new?
  • What's one area where you need God to make you new this week?