Jesus & Your Influence Week 3 // Sunday Night @ The LOFT // 4.24.16

What we talked about

We’re already finished with our third week of our four-week look at what Jesus had to say about our influence. This week’s lesson was a really awesome time of fellowship and learning. I hope your child enjoyed it.

This week, the lesson was entitled “Influential Service,” and it focused on helping understand that real influence comes when they put others’ needs before our own. We challenged the students to identify areas in which they can be influential through serving others.


  • John 13:1-17

Questions for Conversations

  • You talked about a scene in Jesus’ life that the disciple’s didn’t quite know what to do with. What made it so strange to the disciples?
  • After washing the disciples’ feet, Jesus told them that He had just set an example for them to follow. What do you think He expected them to do?
  • What ways do you think you can influence others by serving them?
  • Bonus: Share a time in your life when either you were willing to follow someone because of how they served you, or about a time when you learned (maybe the hard way) that the best way to influence others is by serving them.