Stepping Up: Middle School Small Groups (March 27-April 17)

Love God, Love Life: A Series on Joshua

We're starting a new series in small groups on Easter Sunday and it's all about stepping up to do big things with God. 

Series Summary

Have you ever had a moment where you knew you needed to step up? Maybe you always sat on the bench during the basketball game, and your coach finally called in you to play. Or maybe you got selected to take a really advanced course in school. No matter the situation, you knew that you had two choices: either step up to the opportunity or step back and miss it altogether. And while these challenges aren’t just limited to middle school, we do have the chance to start becoming a step up kind of person right now. This was exactly where a man named Joshua found himself in the Old Testament. Joshua was just a normal guy facing some really challenging circumstances. Through his story, we can learn to step up and reach the potential God has for us the process.

Series Preview Video