Wall Street: High School Small Groups 4.17.16

Session Summary

It's frustrating being asked or told to do something that we can't understand or fully explain, when we can't see the "why" behind it. There will be times in your life when this will happen with God. When this happens, we usually run into two obstacles: 1) It doesn't seem to make sense. 2) No one else is doing it. Joshua has just taken over for Moses and is leading the people of Israel into the Promised Land. The big question was, how were they going to conquer an armed city with giant walls around it? The Lord told Joshua to march around the city (Joshua 6:2-5 NIV). Perhaps you've been there, thinking about doing something God wanted you to do, but it just seemed so crazy. Joshua doesn't let the craziness or uncertainty of it keep him from doing it. It worked! Joshua learned two really important things about the God he obeyed. 1) He knows what He's doing. 2) We just need to keep walking. Sometimes God's way doesn't make sense. But God knows what He's doing, so keep walking! That's what God wants from you, to learn to obey Him, even when it seems crazy. Right there, in that place, I want you to hear Joshua telling you, and God telling you, "Keep walking!" God knows what He's doing, so keep walking.

Bottom Line

God knows what He's doing, so keep walking.


2 But the Lord said to Joshua, “I have given you Jericho, its king, and all its strong warriors. 3 You and your fighting men should march around the town once a day for six days. 4 Seven priests will walk ahead of the Ark, each carrying a ram’s horn. On the seventh day you are to march around the town seven times, with the priests blowing the horns. 5 When you hear the priests give one long blast on the rams’ horns, have all the people shout as loud as they can. Then the walls of the town will collapse, and the people can charge straight into the town.” -Joshua 6:2-5

20 When the people heard the sound of the rams’ horns, they shouted as loud as they could. Suddenly, the walls of Jericho collapsed, and the Israelites charged straight into the town and captured it. -Joshua 6:20

10 The thief’s purpose is to steal and kill and destroy. My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life. -John 10:10

Questions for Conversation

  • Name an area where it's difficult to obey God.
  • How do you think Joshua felt when he had to tell people the instructions God had given him?
  • What's an area of life where you feel God is telling you to be obedient?
  • There's no way Joshua could've know what would happen because of his obedience. What could be at stake in your life when it comes to your obedience?