Service: Confirmation Week 10

Here's what we talked about

This week we took a look at our Spiritual Gift Assessments that the students worked on last week and we talked about what it means to serve with your gifts. Service is an important part of Christian discipleship and we have each been blessed with different gifts and abilities in order to serve God. 

Service is also an important part of our church's DNA. Service projects and programs like MPKids, Buddy Break, Hot Dish & Hope, Sew What, Building Ministry, Outreach, and others are part of the identity of our church. We are interested in making an impact in our community and around the world, glorifying God as we make, nurture, and send forth disciples. Our service projects and programs change to meet the passions and gifts of our members. 

So, what are you passionate about? What are your gifts and talents? How can you serve God, the church, or the community?