WMP 3.9.16

This Wednesday March 9, here's what we did in our afternoon mission programs:

1. GLOW Kids - we learned all about how much God loves us. We read the Easter story in preparation for the coming weeks. We blew bubbles and learned that God loves us more than all the bubbles we could blow. We played a fun game on the roof and enjoyed the beautiful sunshine that God gave us. We also made a beautiful heart craft to remind us how much God loves us.

2. Mission Possible Kids - we worked on Easter crafts to give to our friends in the nursing homeswe are visiting on March 16. We also played on the roof and practiced for our Kicks for Kids Juggle-A-Thon coming up on April 27. Click here for more information.

3. Impact League - we visited our friends in the nursing home to spread Easter cheer. The kids had a great time singing and telling jokes. After the entertainment ended, the kids broke up into groups and interviewed some of the older adults to find out more about their lives and all the experiences they had.