Sunday: Sour Grapes, Tents, and Buckets of Love

King Ahab was a SOUR GRAPE!! In Childreen's Chapel this past Sunday, we looked at Chapter 21 of 1 Kings. King Ahab coveted Naboth’s vineyard, and this sin led to many terrible choices! Is it wrong to want something? No! You may want a different car, because your car is wearing out. You may want a bigger home, because your family is growing. You may want a pet. Wanting things is not a sin. Wanting something for the wrong reason can be a sin. Wanting something that someone else has is coveting and God calls that a sin.

In Bible times, people coveted their neighbor's donkey or their manservant. We took the opportunity to rewrite the 10th commandment (Exodus 20:17) in modern day language. This might be a fun activity for your family this week also.  After recognizing things that you may be tempted to covet, fill in the blanks below. For example, instead of saying “your neighbor’s ox,” you may write “your neighbor’s car.”

“You shall not covet your neighbor’s ____________. You shall not covet your neighbor’s _____________, or his _____________ or ______________, his ______________ or _______________, or anything that belongs to your neighbor.”

In elementary Sunday School, we began a new theme for the month of February: COOPERATION!  We focused on the Old Testament account of the building of the Tabernacle (Exodus 28:1,3; 31:1-11; 35:21,25,34; 39:42-43). Our memory verse for the month comes from Ecclesiastes 4:9: "Two people are better than one. They can help each other in everything they do."

February is the month of LOVE, and our preschoolers are focusing on Buckets of Love! They learned the story of the woman at the well from John 4:1-30. Make sure you check out our facebook posts this week for more ideas about how to continue faith conversations at home.