Children's Sunday

What a special Sunday we had on February 21. Over 75 children lead our three worship services. They lead our prayers and offerings, they read scripture, they ushered and greeted, and they entertained us with music. It was a great display of how amazing the children at West Market Church are! We are so blessed.

In addition to our regular WMS Kids, we welcomed the children and families from Early Childhood Center as well as several VIPs from Buddy Break. It was a wonderful day full of children.

Thank you to all the parents for encouraging and practicing with your kids. This was an excellent opportunity for them to take a leadership role in the church, and you should be so proud of them!

In Sunday School, the preschoolers learned about John 8:2-11 and how Jesus was nice to the woman that no one else was nice to. Jesus still loved her even when she made bad choices. In Elementary Sunday School, we learned about Luke 5:17-26 and how Jude's friends worked together to lower him through the roof to get to Jesus. His friends worked together to help Jude succeed and we can do the same. It doesn't have to be a big thing that we do to help change someone's life though! Even the little things count. Who can you help this week?