Bug Feast

At Wednesday Mission Programs last Wednesday February 17, Mission Possible Kids and GLOW kids ate bugs! What does that have to do with church you might ask?? We learned the story of John the Baptist and how he lived in the wilderness and ate bugs. We also learned that he baptized people and was Jesus' cousin.

Bugs are excellent protein and a very environmentally friendly cuisine. Many countries around the world eat them every day. We even had a few brave kids taste them!

At Impact League they learned about the five countries where refugees largely flee from whencoming to Greensboro. Impact researched what was going on in each country and why refugees might flee. Their research was in preparation for guest speakers, two Lost Boys, on Wednesday February 24 and a food drive for a new refugee food pantry. The countries that Impact League focused on where: Burma, Iraq, Montagnards (of Vietnam), Sudan and Eritrea.