Confirmation Week 4: Who is the Holy Spirit?

Who is the Holy Spirit?

It's week 4 of Confirmation and this week we finished our discussion on the persons of the trinity by talking about the Holy Spirit.

What we talked about

It’s how we describe and refer to the nature of God, this idea of three persons in one. In week one we looked over the trinity shield which gives us an illustration of the trinity. And over the last two weeks we have discussed who God is and who the Son is (or Jesus Christ). In doing so we have said that it can be hard to nail down a good understanding because we are talking about a God who is God who exists outside the confines of time and space, a God who is infinitely big, all powerful, all encompassing. It is something beyond our comprehension because we understand things we have a frame of reference for. So how do we talk about something so vast and unlike anything else we have experienced? We use analogies, similes, and metaphors. We use our limited language to describe the nature of God.

In week one we looked at some of God’s attributes in order to understand his role as the Father, creator, sustainer, just, merciful, loving.

Last week we talked about Jesus Christ and we talked about some of the titles he is given, Alpha and Omega, the good shepherd, high priest, savior, prophet, son of man, son of God, the Word, messiah. All of these titles give us a glimpse into what role Jesus plays within the trinity and how he relates to us.

This week we explored the Holy Spirit and we used the same approach we have in previous weeks. Looking at ways the Holy Spirit is described and the role it plays in creation in order to figure out what it is.

What is the Holy Spirit?

In scripture, we see the Holy Spirit referred to as air, breath, and fire. We are given this imagery of something that can freely move and has a great power behind it. It is present at the beginning of creation (Genesis 1:1-2 & 2:7), it is promised to be with us after Jesus' ascends into heaven (John 14:16-17), and it gives birth to the church (Acts 1:8). 

If you look at the United Methodist symbol it has a flame on it which represents the Holy Spirit. The two points of the flame represent the coming together of the United Brethren Church and the Methodist Church in 1969 to create the United Methodist Church.

Who is the Holy Spirit?

The Holy Spirit is the third person of the Trinity and exercises the power of the Father and the Son in creation and redemption. It serves as a counselor and teacher. It empowers us to act in accordance with God's will. It guides us in our daily lives and gives us words to speak when we pray. It comforts us in times of need and helps us to bring peace to situations. The Holy Spirit is the fulfillment of God's promise to never leave us and to never forsake us.

Compass Points

  • The Holy Spirit can be seen in different images such as air, breath, and fire.

  • The Holy Spirit is the third part of the trinity and has been around since the beginning.
  • The Holy Spirit works in our lives and gives us power to do God's work.


Weekly Scripture to Memorize:
“For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.”  John 3:16

Read John 16:6-16
In your Journal answer these questions this week:
1. The Holy Spirit leads us to confess our sins.  What sins in your life do you feel you need to confess?
2. The Holy Spirit wants us to serve Jesus.  What areas at school or home can you think of that you can serve Jesus better?
3. The Holy Spirit helps us when we are tempted.  What areas do you need help from the Holy Spirit to resist temptation?
4. The Holy Spirit teaches us truth.  What truths did you learn this week through the lesson?
5. The Holy Spirit gives Jesus Christ the Glory.  How can you give glory and praise to Jesus this week?

Read John Chapters 9-11.  Write in your journal one thing you learned from These Chapters.

The Journey Continues next week:  Lesson 5:  Sin and Salvation.  In preparation for next week read over the 10 commandments on pg. 43 & 44.  What commandment do you find yourself struggling with?  Write it down in your Journal

Family Homework:
Read Ephesians 4:1-16.  As a family discuss that we are each given gifts or talents by God.    Each member of the family brings something important to the family as a whole.  Take turns having each member of the family share what they see in each of the family members as their gifts.  What things do each of you see in yourselves?