Love and Success

Last Sunday February 14, our Preschoolers continued their lessons on love. They learned about Zacchaeus and how he was not doing the right thing by taking peoples' money.  They learned that God still loves us even when we do something wrong!

In Elementary Sunday School, the cooperation theme continued as we learned about Moses and his friends Aaron and Hur. As Joshua and Israelite Army fought the Amalekites, it was up to Moses to hold up his staff above his head to help the Israelites win. But when Moses couldn't hold up the staff on his own, his friends Aaron and Hur helped him. Without them, Moses couldn't do what God was asking him to do. Sometimes cooperation isn't about accomplishing a job, its about helping someone else succeed.

What can you do to help a friend succeed?

Can you accomplish more alone or with help?

In Children’s Chapel, we focused on the account of Elisha saving two boys from slavery in 2 Kings 4:1-7. In this account, God performed a miracle, but His miracle required the help of the two boys and their mother. God wants to work through your work! He wants us to be an active part of His plan. Sure, God could … POOF … make anything happen or appear. He could provide all we need to exist and we could just sit on the couch, right? Yes, He spoke the world into existence. But He chooses to use us—to activate and involve us in His work.  Consider your daily activities. Are there some things that you let your family do for you that you could start doing yourself? How could you bless your family? Maybe your parents are praying for God to help them somehow find the time to keep up with things! Are they overwhelmed? Could you be an answer to their prayers?  
Consider things like:
Preparing clothes for school, church, sports
Cleaning or yard work
Preparing meals and clean up after
Caring for younger brothers and sisters
Helping siblings with homework or other activities
Caring for pets
Purchasing something you need with your own money
Working around the house for your allowance  
Could you start helping in any of these areas? Are there other areas you could be of assistance? God wants all of us to be active and productive. God can supernaturally answer prayers, but many times He answers prayers by working through and involving us to meet needs!