Kids...practice your soccer skills!

This past Wednesday February 10, in MPKids, GLOW Kids, and Impact League, we had a special presentation from a 12-year-old!  Sydney Smith, a former Mission Possible Kid, came to teach us about an ultra-durable soccer ball.  Sydney is an avid soccer player; she's been playing since she was 3-years-old.  When her father recently traveled to a third-world country, he learned that many children lack access to soccer balls, pumps and needles.  He and Sydney learned about One World Futbols -- an organization that makes and distributes soccer balls that never go flat--even if punctured by a knife!

Sydney needs our help raising money to purchase some of these soccer balls.  She has organized an event for us called Kick4Kids.  On April 27, 2016, during the regular MPKids, GLOW, and Impact League meeting times, we will head to the church roof to have a soccer juggle-a-thon.  Encourage your kids to start practicing now.  And, encourage them to get sponsors. You can do this in two ways. (1) Your kids came home with a sponsor sheet (I've attached it to this email also). They can get sponsors and collect money the old-fashioned way with this sheet.  (2) Sponsors can also donate online by visiting

Let's see if we can raise enough money to purchase 25 balls!! Start working on those soccer skills now!