Why Date?: High School Small Groups

This week we started our new 4 week series on dating called Dateable . Check out what we talked about this Sunday in high school small groups.

Series Summary

I bet there's a "type" of person you want to date, and you can probably link of that pretty quickly. We all want to be dateable. How do we become people who have the best chance to find and date the right people? It starts by you asking yourself a question: why do you want to date? Believe it or not, God has given you the best dating advice you could ever hear to help you get out there. The Bible offers the best dating advice you'll ever hear. "...Love your neighbor as yourself." Loving your neighbor as yourself sets up relationships for more success, and that includes dating. Jesus is calling us out of being me-centered to being neighbor-centered.

If you take Jesus' command seriously, it will change how you date. Ask this: What can I do to care about you? And when you start with this question, you'll find yourself becoming a dateable person. That's why we date. To get better at loving others the way God loves them. As you head out today, I want you to ask yourself what would happen if you decided to make this your dating strategy: what can I do to care about you?

The Bottom Line

What can I do to care about you?


"The second is this: 'Love your neighbor as yourself.' There is no commandment greater than these." - Mark 12:31 NIV

Continue the Conversation: Questions for Family Discussion at Home

  • If you want to date, why do you want to date?
  • Why is it important to think about why you want to date?
  • Describe some ways people are me-focused when it comes to dating.
  • Even if you're not dating anyone, what's one thing you could do differently when it comes to caring about other people?