The Talk: A New Middle School Small Group Series

We're starting a new series in our middle school small groups that will run for the next 4 weeks (February 21 - March 13), and it's about sex. We know that's a hot button issue for many people, so be sure to watch the preview video below and check out the series summary to decide whether or not you'd like your student to participate.

Series Preview

Series Summary

The topic of sex can be pretty awkward, right? Have you ever been watching a movie with your parents and suddenly, the characters are having sex? So awkward, right? Or maybe you were having a conversation with your buddies, someone said something, and you had absolutely no idea what they were talking about…until you later realized it was about sex? You probably felt a little awkward. Or maybe you’ve said something and been laughed at because what you said sounded sexual? Awkward and embarrassing. There’s just something about the topic of sex that makes us giggle and blush and avoid all eye contact. Typically, when churches deal with the topic of sex, they don’t help matters. They either ignore the subject altogether or simply say that sex is bad. Instead, we want to have the talk. However, this won’t be a one-time lecture, but rather an on-going conversation that will open up the lines of communication between students and peers, small group leaders and parents. When it comes to sex, we want to help you create a guardrails system that will help protect you and your relationships.