Running to God

In Chapel we learned all about Elijah running away from God. He had experienced lots of highs – outrunning King Ahab’s chariot, calling off a drought. But then Queen Jezebel got really made at Elijah and wanted to kill him! So Elijah found himself in a very low place. He ran away and was ready to give up. He made it to the desert and just feel asleep from exhaustion. But then an angel woke him up and gave him bread and water and told him to eat and drink up for his long journey ahead of him. He woke up and was renewed. He learned to “Run to God…NOT from problems!”

Life is like a roller coaster for sure. Ups, down, sideways and jerking you all over the place. One minute you are up and the next you are down. But God is with us during all of it. God uses those low points to strengthen us. He also encourages us through other believers, the Bible and prayer.

Run to God…NOT from problems!

Preschool Sunday School was all about Jesus and the amazing things that only He can do! He can calm the storm and He can turn water into a super fun party drink at a wedding. Ask your preschoolers, “Who can only do that?” and see what they say!

Elementary Sunday School learned that God’s word is a guide that they can run to when they might lose their way. Proverbs 4:23 teaches us to guard our hearts, as our heart determines the course of our lives. The Bible is the ultimate guide to life for us. What we put in our hearts matters. So fill it up with God’s word, and it will guide you to do the right thing! Ask your elementary student “What’s one thing you can do to guard your heart this week?”