Jesus' Crazy Family: Sunday Night @ The LOFT 11.20.16

What we're talking about

Everyone's family has some baggage, right? And holidays are always a time when we are reminded of that because everyone gets together. In Matthew's gospel, the first thing we are introduced to is Jesus' family and there are a couple of notable things we find in his family tree. For starters, it's not an accurate family tree. We know that there are generations left out of the genealogy because Matthew is trying to illustrate a story, not tell a historical record of Jesus' family. Perhaps the most interesting piece is that 4 women are mentioned in Jesus' genealogy;

  • Tamar
  • Rahab
  • Ruth
  • Bathsheba

These women serve as unconventional models of faith. They are the people we don't expect in the family tree, the odd ones out. In the genealogy of Jesus we see a history and a tradition of faithfulness to God, especially in the 4 women mentioned in the story. How will we shape our family tree? How will our descendants look back at our time and our faithfulness?

Questions for Conversation

  • Do you have any "characters" in your family, people that are just a little bit different than everybody else?
  • Matthew could have easily left the names of the four women out, as he did most of the other mothers' names. Why do you think he didn't?
  • What do you think about a God who uses even people of questionable character for his purposes?
  • What would you like your family to be like 100 years from now?