Why are we so afraid of silence?

What we are talking about

Why is silence so hard to deal with? Why is it so much easier for us to live our lives with a lot of things going on all the time than to just be in silence? We're constantly surrounded with "voices" that are influencing us on how to think, feel, and behave. Movies, music, TV, Internet, cell phones, and a never-ending barrage of advertising. There's always something going on. Always noise in our lives. But maybe there's a connection between the amount of noise in our lives and our inability to hear God. If God sometimes feels distant to us, maybe it's not because he's not talking to us, but simply because we aren't really listening.

Questions for Conversation

  • Do you ever surround yourself with noise intentionally? (Leave a TV on for background noise, have music playing, go work in a busy coffee shop, etc.) If so, why do you think we do this?
  • Do you sometimes avoid silence because you're afraid of what God might actually have to say to you?
  • What are some things in your daily life you could change to eliminate some of the noise?