A Model to Pray

What we're talking about

So for the past two weeks we have talked about what prayer is, some things that get in the way of us praying, but this week we're talking about how to pray. In Matthew 6:9-13 Jesus teaches us how we are to pray. We know this prayer as the Lord's Prayer and it has been used as a piece of liturgical worship for thousands of years. In trying to teach us to pray, Jesus gave us a prayer that we recite, sometimes with no thought given to what we're saying. So how should we pray? One model is the ACTS prayer forming our prayers with Adoration fo God, Confession of our sins, Thanksgiving for what God has done, and requests of Supplication for God to help us. This simple model gives us a framework for us to build our prayers on. Try praying using it this week!

Questions for Conversation

  • When do you pray most often?
  • What are some different adorations of God that we see in the Bible?
  • What are you most thankful to God for?
  • How can you remember to pray more this week?