Do you like me?: No Filter Week 1

What we're talking about

We all use social media, right? Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter—they’re all a part of our everyday lives. Who doesn’t love posting a great picture, sharing a funny link, or starting a conversation with a friend online? While there are definitely some awesome things about social media, we can all probably agree that there’s a downside to it as well. When we don’t get as many likes, comments, or shares as we hoped for, we start to wonder if something might be wrong not just with what we posted but maybe even with us. And before we know it, social media goes from being a cool way to communicate to the filter through which we view our self-worth. The good news for us is that while social media might be a more modern concept, the struggle with how we view ourselves is definitely not! In fact, the Apostle Paul wrote to some of his friends who struggled with the exact same thing. And as we take a look at what he said to them, we’ll see that the best filter we can use to view ourselves is the filter God gives us.

Questions for Conversation

  • What is the best think you "liked" on social media this week?
  • What kinds of social media do you use?
  • What do you love about social media?
  • What are reasons social media might make someone feel hurt, self-conscious, or less-than?