What Makes You Happy: Now & Later

What we are talking about

Have you ever had something stolen from you? It’s a terrible feeling! And the more important or valuable the thing you lost was, the worse it feels when you lose it. Now imagine what it would feel like if the most important thing you have—your happiness—was stolen. Believe it or not, there’s someone in your life right now working hard to steal your happiness right out from under you. Who is it? Surprise—it’s you! You probably don’t even realize it, but sometimes, when it comes to happiness, we’re our own worst enemies. We make choices now that we think will make us happy, but in reality, they’re actually stealing our potential to be happy both now and later in life. So what do we do? How do we choose what will make us happy now without stealing happiness for ourselves in the future? Jesus talks to his followers about this very thing in the book of John. He gives them the answer to living a full and happy life, and that answer is the same for us today. As we close this week, we’ll see that the key to happiness both now and later lies in a life lived with Jesus.

Questions for Conversation

  • If you could plan your own Happiest Day Ever, what would you plan?
  • When you're having a bad day, what's one way you sometimes try to cheer yourself up?
  • Why do you think it's so tempting to care more about feeling happy now than being happy later?
  • How can Jesus help us find happiness later?