What is prayer?

What we're talking about

We mention it in church a lot and we all know we should do it, but we never really talk about what it is, how it works, or why we do it. We're talking about prayer of course. Boiled down to its simplest definition, prayer is a conversation with God. Psalm 34:1-8 tells us that we should pray continually because of what God has done for us, a recognition of the great things he has done for us and because we recognize that without him we can't save ourselves. Prayer doesn't have to be elaborate, prayer doesn't have to be long, prayer doesn't have to be spoken aloud. It's a continual and ongoing conversation that we have with our creator, redeemer, and sustainer. We pray to God to have a relationship with God, to draw close to him.

Here are 2 good videos that illustrate this point.

Questions for Conversation

  • Is it dangerous to be too friendly with God by being too buddy-buddy with Him instead of respecting His awesomeness? (No, God is big enough to be both our awesome creator and a close personal friend)

  • Do you ever feel as if God really doesn’t care about who you are? If so, why? (Lots of people feel this way sometimes, but the truth is that he always cares)

  • Do you think people in the Bible had a closer relationship with God than we have today? Why? (One of the reasons there are stories in the Bible of people talking with God is precisely because they were unique. In Moses’ day, most people didn’t talk to God like Moses did. Most people in history talked to God just like we do today, in prayer.)

  • Does God ever talk in an audible voice to people? Have you ever known anyone who experienced this? If not in an audible voice, how does he speak?