Rapping for a Cause

It was a busy day at Wednesday Mission Programs on January 27. Mission Possible Kids and Impact League wrote a rap for Rock and Wrap it Up! GLOW Kids took a field trip to the international supermarket to see all the different kinds of foods that refugees might eat.

MPK and Impact League had fun working with beats and rhymes to create a fantastic rap for the music video we will shoot on Wednesday, February 4. The video promotes Greensboro’s Rock and Wrap it Up! which is an organization led by Jennifer Fountain and Laura Oxner. Each week, leftovers are taken from 45 Guilford County Schools and shared with organizations that put the food where it is needed most. Laura and Jennifer brought Rock and Wrap it Up! to Greensboro two years ago. The video will be featured at Guilford County Schools during Random Act of Kindness Week, February 8-12, and will star our own GLOW, MPK and Impact League kids!

GLOW Kids revisited the topic of refugees but taking a trip to Super G, the international supermarket. At the store, the kids saw things like jackfruits and dragonfruits, sugarcane, prickly pear cactus, huge bags of rice, seaweed snacks, all sorts of candies and many more ethnic foods not sold in our regular grocery stores. It was a fun experience, and they learned about how refugees must feel when they shop at our grocery stores with unfamiliar food and different language. We couldn’t even tell what some products were because the name and description were written in another language!

Stay tuned for our rap video to be filmed next week. You will not want to miss it!