Wednesday Mission Programs 1.20.16

Did you know that 20 pounds of food person is thrown away EVERY month? Do your kids ask for a lot of food then not finish it? Do you ever have to throw away food that you just didn’t get to during the week? What happens to all that food that isn’t served in school cafeterias each day?

Last Wednesday our mission programs focused on food waste and hunger. We learned about two of our moms who are doing something good with those leftovers.

We started off learning about hunger and what it feels like to be hunger.  We talked about how sometimes we get more food than we can finish and that we can stop wasting food by asking for less or saving our leftovers for another time. We also talked about what we can do with food that might not look pretty any more – like using brown bananas for smoothies or banana bread.

After we talked about wasting food and thinking about what our friends who are hungry must feel like, we had two guest speakers, Jennifer Fountain and Laura Oxner. Laura and Jennifer brought Rock and Wrap it Up!, to Greensboro. Rock and Wrap it Up! is an organization that takes leftovers from school cafeterias and gets it to where it is needed and can be used.

Rock and Wrap it Up! is a national organization that matches leftover food with those who need it. Jennifer and Laura brought it to Greensboro in 2014 with 4 schools. This school year (2015-2016), they will take food from 45 schools in Guilford County and get it to organizations that feed the hungry in our community! What an impact!!!

This educational lesson will lead us into our next big project – creating a Rock and Wrap it Up! rap and video to promote this program at Guilford County Schools during Random Act of Kindness Week in February! Our kids will be creating a rap and starring in a video this month. Stay tuned for more details!