6 Small Ways to Make Each of Your Kids Feel Special

So this weeks' parent tip comes from the people over at parents.com.

So as you begin to have multiple kids one thing that a lot of child psychologists talk about is the importance of making each of your children feel special and uniquely loved, but what does that mean. The folks at parents.com have 6 easy ways to make each of your kids feel loved and I really wanted to say how much I agree with #4, create meaningful traditions. It doesn't have to be anything elaborate it just has to be special to the two of you. Dads, take your daughter on a date. Moms, cook a meal with your son. Go out to dinner with one of your children, go see a movie together, work on a project around the house together, do something where you are spending time together just the two of you. Growing up my dad and I spent a lot of time together centered around my soccer practices, games, and tournaments, or building things around the house. Find something your kid likes to do and spend time with them doing it.

Here is a quick overview and then go over to their website to see the full article:

  1. Make eye contact
  2. Spend some uninterupted time together every day
  3. Ask caring questions
  4. Create meaningful traditions
  5. Be affectionate
  6. Love what they love.

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