Let's Fight: High School Small Groups 1.31.16

This past Sunday we started a new high school small group series on conflict called Battlefield . Here is what we talked about this week:

Small Group Summary

It never struck me that one of the reasons I loved camp so much was because I was there with my friends - until the summer I had to go without them. Relationships simply make things better. Think about the last big fight you had. What were you fighting about? You probably handled it one one of two ways:

  • The way it's been modeled for you.
  • The same way as the person on the other side of the battle line.

The problem is, the more we fight to be right, the more our relationships suffer.

In his letter to the people of Ephesus, Paul says to make every effort to live at peace. Unfortunately, we usually put all our effort toward winning the argument. In fact, Paul ways it's through the bond of peace that we keep peace, that we keep unity. There's a question you can ask yourself when a fight breaks out: am I fighting to be right, or am I fighting for the relationship? God cares about unity and peace in our relationships. And because of that, He is leading us, as His followers, to choose peace with a person over winning an argument.

Making peace is greater than making a point.

There are some things you can do the next time you face conflict:

  1. Think about you.
  2. Think about them.

What if you were right all the time? In the end, you may make a point. But your life won't be better. Making peace is greater than making a point.

The Bottom Line

Making peace is greater than making a point.


"Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace." Ephesians 4:3 NIV

Continue the Conversation at Home

  • What's the main thing that causes conflict and fighting in your life?
  • Paul tells us to "make every effort" to maintain peace. What does that look like when you are in a conflict?
  • Why do you think God wants us to fight FOR our relationships?
  • What is one way you can show people that they matter, even when you have a disagreement with them?

Next Week

Battlefield Session 2 "Angry"