KIDS Sunday Morning Recap 1.17.16

Tubes of toothpaste...shokora...mute buttons...a never ending barrel of oil and flour...what do these things have to with God?

God is with us and with God, nothing is impossible!


In chapel we continued our story of Elijah. Last week found Elijah in a drought because of King Ahab making God angry. This week, after the brook where Elijah got his water dried up, God sent him to a widow for food and water. This widow had just enough flour and oil to make one cake for her and her son. But because she shared with Elijah, her barrel was never empty!

We played a trust game with the kids. We asked them to close their eyes and trust us to try shokora without knowing what is was! The kids were great sports. What is shokora? Its chocolate in Japanese. This lesson taught us to trust God.

Sunday School

In Sunday School, the 2 year old - preschoolers focused on Matthew 14:22-33, Jesus walking on water. They learned that Jesus walked on water which no one else can do. Nothing is impossible for God!

Elementary Sunday School learned about Proverbs 21:23.

  • Kindergartners - second graders learned about choosing our words carefully and selecting mute when necessary.
  • Fourth and fifth graders got messy as they learned that words are like a tube of toothpaste - once you squirt it out, its really hard to get it back in! But God can help us think about our words before we use them.

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