Online Parent Training Courses

We have an exciting opportunity for parents in our congregation.  We have entered into a partnership with Biblical Parenting University.  As part of the partnership, West Market Street parents can participate in online parent training classes for $25 per class.  Each class has four hours of instruction and quizzes, five hours of pre-recorded Q&A application sessions and assignments to integrate the lessons into your family.  That’s a LOT of information for $25. 

There are four classes from which to choose, but the first class you'll probably want to take is BPU 101 Developing Responsibility and Cooperation in Children. In this class you'll learn how to use a heart-based approach to teach children cooperation through a five-step instruction routine. Responsibility training is taught through schoolwork, bedroom clean up, chores, money, and handling conflict in a mature way. You'll also learn practical ways to help your children develop convictions to do what's right.  All of the training is appropriate for children of all ages.

Here's how you can access the classes:

STEP #1: Go to and click on the link "Create an Account."

STEP #2: Click on Class Descriptions to register for any of the four core classes. Click on learn more to find out what's in the classes. Be sure to click on the other links to learn more about Biblical Parenting University.

After your registration is approved you'll be sent an email and you'll be able to login to your account and access your class. Use our Site ID code at check out as a coupon code to receive 75% off the regular tuition rate of $99.95. So you only pay $25 per class. Our Site ID code is available by emailing Barbie Kremer at or Rhiannon Kelly at

We hope you’ll take advantage of this great offer.