Sunday Night @ The LOFT Recap 9.27.15

This is what we did last night...

Last night we opened up with three new games:

  1. Protect the President: A dodgeball based game in a circle. The president and his bodyguard stand in the middle of the circle. The bodyguard's job is to protect the president from the outside of the circle trying to hit him/her with a dodgeball.
  2. Marshmallow Flyover: Students broke into teams to launch marshmallows across the room in a relay style game.
  3. Finish the Lyric: Students were presented with a popular song with some of the lyrics missing, as a team they had to fill in the blank. 

The games were a lot of fun and you can check them out below. We also talked about some of our upcoming events including our Family Ministry Brunch Fundraiser coming up this Sunday, October 4. Check out our event page at to find more information, to sign up for events, and to add them to your calendar.

This is what we talked about...

This week your student was involved in the second lesson in the series Jesus And Stress. The Scripture for the lesson was from Luke 10:38-42. If you get a chance this week, consider reading the passage.

As you can see if you read the passage, Martha was busy doing while Mary took time to be still and listen to Jesus. The main point this week was to help your teenager learn that letting the stress of a busy lifestyle distract them from focusing on Christ is NOT the way to go. Your teenager was encouraged to take time to be still and focus on Jesus and what He taught while He lived on Earth.

So here is a question for you as a parent: Are you so busy that there is no free time in your life? Does your busy lifestyle crowd out opportunities to refresh and refill? Consider your example to your student and how you can slow down from your busy schedule and focus more on Christ.

Next Steps . . .

This week challenge your student to find some time to be still and spend some time thinking about the word for the week they chose during the lesson. You may want to take the same challenge as your student and talk about what you both discovered during the week.

I hope you and your family have a calm and peaceful week and that these lessons are helping your student get a better handle on stress in life.

Be sure to check in on Monday, Wednesday, & Friday for our devotionals based on this week's lesson.