This is Why: Stewardship 2016

This year we invite you to share your "why."

This year as we approached our Stewardship campaign we were talking a lot about the different ministries of the church. We were sharing stories about all the things we had done over the past year, the studies we had learned, mission trips we served on, mission projects we had completed, and the people involved in our ministries. What we realized is that we have so much going on at our church, especially in family ministry, there is no way any one person is aware of everything going on in the life of our church. So we decided to that this year we were going to share some of those stories and opportunities for life transformation. 

Over the next six weeks we will be highlighting different ministries during the worship services. Each week a different ministry will have the opportunity to share their "why." Why people volunteer, why people participate in the program, why people have been changed, why people love their church, and why people give to support it. This week our children's ministry was highlighted during the worship service. 

Youth at the LOFT shares its why

September 27 will be Youth Sunday. Students will lead every aspect of worship across all three services, it will also be our opportunity to share our "why." If you are a parent, student, or volunteer in our ministry I want you to be thinking about your "why." Why do you love Youth at the LOFT? Why do you volunteer with us? Why do you go on mission trips with us? Why do you support us? Why are you thankful for Youth at the LOFT and West Market Street UMC? We want to collect as many stories as possible to share both in worship, and online. 

It's not about money

When we ask for money, or when we give to the church it's not for buildings, staff, or a bigger budget, it's so we can transform lives through the ministries of the church. We give to further God's kingdom and to impact the lives of students, parents, and families with the love of Christ. Help us spread the word by sharing your "why."

Find your inspiration

Need help finding your why? Check out our This is Why playlist on YouTube. Comment, like, and share to help spread the word.